Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Someone had a Birthday!

Dane had a birthday this past weekend
he turned 25! 
To celebrate we flew down to California for a quick weekend to go to the UTAH vs USC football game
I was sick this whole weekend and I felt so bad that it was around his birthday
We will just continue to celebrate his birthday so I can make it up to him.
We went to the game with Bret and there were so many people there. Not just USC fans but there was a lot of fans there for the U.
Dane loved it and had a great time which makes me happy
we started the day by getting up at 430 AM (yikes) and my mom made him a birthday breakfast

we left with bret to head to the game and walked around the school and the guys picked up bacon-wrapped hotdogs

The game was a heartbreaker but we still had a good time

happy birthday to dane you are the best husband and my best friend
i love you!

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  1. It still hurts my eyes to see you wear red! but I love you anyways. Happy birthday Dane-O