Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We are going to...

Worst blogger award goes to ---me

but we are really excited because we are going to India for 10 days in March over Spring Break.

(we already have our plane tickets set and working on our visas right now)

Dane and I are going through the U but working with the Rising Star Outreach program that is over there in Chennai (on the lower east side). We will work there for the week and then fly up to New Delhi for a cultural tour around there and take (i hear a very very long ride through traffic) to Agra where the Taj Mahal is located.

I am so excited but also very nervous. I'm nervous for the long plane ride from Dallas to Dubai (14 1/2 hours) that is a long time for me to be sitting in one spot--hopefully no turbulence or else I won't relax for 14 hours. 

Any tips or advice I would love to hear !


  1. Dramamine... i took it on a flight to russia and slept like 10 of the 13 hours..... it was the BEST! but there is some dramamine that is non-drowsy if you prefer. Or...get a zagg-spark (portable battery) and you can charge your computer or ipad or phone... so you will have movies and games the whole flight. That sounds SOO fun! You are going to love it. Take tons of pics to share with us!! love u Selly!

  2. what an awesome experience!!