Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Books. Barnes and Noble

I ran over to Barnes and Noble to pick this book up so I can read it before I go to see the movie.
I didn't realize it comes out very soon!

While I was there I looked through these leatherbound classic books
they are so pretty and have that classic look to them
I would love to have the collection even though I have not read most of them.. if I get them it will help push me to read them right?
don't they just look cool?

however i think my favorites are the clothbound penguin classics

these are so pretty especially the penguin classics for children...
these feel so whimsical compared to the B&N classic leatherbound look

(i think the peterpan one is my favorite cover)

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  1. The Help is a great book, can't wait for the movie too, let's go together?