Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I know pioneer day was over a week ago
(its been a crazy week remember)
but here is the only picture from Pioneer day...

Jaci and I wanted to get together with our friends in the ward and do a BBQ
the thing is when you are newly married and going to school.. most of our apartments have a maximum capacity of 3 people. Entertaining in our apartments can be a little tight.
Luckily Sean (danes little brother) was off to california for being awesome in football which left the Barton Residence open for a last minute BBQ and setting off some fireworks.
We cooked up some burgers and hot dogs and the guys all chatted while us girls laughed and talked about everything. I had a blast with these couples.
we really do have the best people in our ward.
These guys make me laugh I had so much fun.

Thanks Dane for going along with this idea
and thanks Jaci for helping me get everyone together super last minute!

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  1. So bummed with couldn't come, I bet it was a blast... let's do it again soon